About Timor-Leste Budget Transparency Portal

What the portal does


Timor-Leste Budget Transparency Portal is a website that lets you interactively:

  • get complete financial information on how the national budget is being spent
  • access historical and recent data, and
  • monitor the progress of Timor-Leste Government’s budget execution.


The portal is updated every day so information is current.

The portal is accessible to all members of the public, groups and development partners.

Timor-Leste Budget Transparency Portal was launched on 15 March 2011 by His Excellency, Prime Minister Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao with the Minister of Finance, Emilia Pires.



How it works


Browse the budget and expenditure and drill down by ministry and directorate, program, category or district.

See the:

  • approved budget amount (Budget)
  • what has been paid (Actuals)
  • amounts reserved in the budget but without a contract yet (Commitment), and
  • amounts reserved in the budget with a contract (Obligation).


You can export reports and filtered results in PDF, Word, Excel, XML and HTML formats.



What we hope to achieve with Timor-Leste Budget Transparency Portal


  • Become a transparency window into the State
  • Make financial information from the Government more relevant and credible
  • Democratise government decisions through increased and better participation of citizens
  • Provide free access to State information
  • Promote a culture of transparency in Timor-Leste and its society
  • Help reduce the risk of corruption
  • Improve citizen and investor confidence, and
  • Give citizens greater control.


Usually this type of information is only available to senior people and bodies. We believe that all people are entitled to free access to this information.

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