Frequently Asked Questions

What is Transparency Portal?

Transparency portal is a website that publishes budget execution for past years.  Public financial information including budget law, budget manuals, and definitions of budget-related technical terms are also published. Transparency Portal offers information on current-year budget execution. This information includes month-by-month revenue and expenditure information. This information is presented along with approved budget.


Who can use Transparency Portal?

Any Citizen, Donor, NGOs, Press and anyone around the world.


Do I need to register to get access to the information?

No, Transparency Portal gives you all the information related with Budget Execution without user and password information.


What is contained in Transparency Portal?

All the budget execution, documents containing transparency and budget laws, news and blogs related with transparency, budget concepts; subscription to a transparency bulletin.


Why Transparency is important?

Transparency is important because it will help the government to more efficient and effective working; gives empowerment to the citizens and assists in reducing corruption and fraud;.


Who is the owner of the transparency portal?

Transparency portal is owned by the Timor-Leste Government and is administrated through the Ministry of Finance.


What is the source of the budget execution information?

All the Budget execution information presented in the Transparency portal comes from day-to-day budget execution of the Timor-Leste Government.


Can I download and sell the documents stored in Transparency Portal?

The information published in Transparency portal is free for download for personal use only.  However you can not sell any of the information downloaded, unless you have obtained a prior written permission from the Government of Timor-Leste.

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